Late last year, Matt Damon was promoting Downsizing when the Hollywood Predator Advent Calendar was opening its doors every day to show us a new piece of sh-t. And, well, Matt talked out of his ass.  On a couple of occasions. Follow those links if you need a refresher, we don’t need to go over it again. 

Matt’s been mourning the death of his father, Kent, who died December 14 after a long battle with multiple myeloma. Kent was 74 years old. This is terribly sad and of course we should feel sympathy for Matt, for anyone, who’s grieving the loss of a loved one. Can you have sympathy for someone and, at the same time, disagree with them? My answer to this question is yes. And it sounds like there’s someone in Matt’s life who feels the same because he was on Today yesterday and was asked about his previous comments on sexual harassment and here’s what he’s saying now: 


It’s not like Matt Damon would have listened to the people yelling at him on Twitter. More likely it was a friend, a colleague, a co-star, who was like, dude, you’re wrong. This is how it is. Who would that have been, do you think? We might never find out. But I’m guessing Taika Waititi. Mostly because I just want to involve him in any way possible in every story but also because, as Sarah wrote last year, we also saw the influence Taika had on Chris Hemsworth, who seemed schooled on diversity and sensitivity after spending time with Taika while working on Thor: Ragarok. Taika and Chris are close. Chris and Matt Damon are close. They all hung out together (with Jeff Bezos – remember Manchester By The Sea was distributed by Amazon) after the Golden Globes last week.

Last night Matt and his wife Luciana showed up for Chris at the 12 Strong premiere. Can we just credit Taika, even if we have not much to base it on… because it’s fun? 

By the way, here are some more pictures of Taika and Chris at the Critics’ Choice Awards last week. Best date ever, really.