A few days ago, after weeks of speculation, Brian Austin Green confirmed that he and Megan Fox have separated. She’s been seen with Machine Gun Kelly, after working on a movie with him late last year, and while Brian said on his podcast that there are no villains or victims in this situation, and no “cheating” (that’s the word he used), people are wondering what, exactly, is going on between her and MGK. 


Well, I guess part of what’s going on is that she’s in his video for his song “Bloody Valentine” which certainly suggests that they know what people are saying about them. And it’s helping him sell his record. The video is embedded below and here’s what Megan posted on Instagram:

To recap my post about this yesterday: MGK had a girlfriend as recently as March, they broke up in April. Brian said when Megan came home from shooting the movie, she told him that she preferred being who she was when she was on set – as in living single. Brian said she and MGK at the moment were just friends, and there have been reports out there that they’ve been hanging out but that it’s nothing serious. Megan’s been making headlines for days. 

And now this. 

You know who wins? His label’s marketing department. There’s a lot more heat on this song and this video now than there would have been had Megan not been involved. 


But there’s another layer to all of this: Eminem. 

Ten years ago, Megan was in Eminem and Rihanna’s video for “Love The Way You Lie”, remember? She starred with Dominic Monaghan and they also played a dysfunctional couple. Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly aren’t exactly friends. As of January they were still beefing. So while Megan and MGK may be dealing with each other romantically, MGK also has other motivations for putting Megan in his video. 

The drama, then, that comes out of this might not be related to Megan’s marriage but from Eminem. Or maybe Eminem will recruit Brian Austin Green for his next video and take everything nuclear.