Remember when The Good Wife ended and many of us obsessed over the split screen goodbye scene between Julianna Marguiles and Archie Panjabi? That feud didn’t come out of nowhere – the two characters spent three seasons on the phone because the actresses wouldn’t appear in a scene together. When things go sideways on a TV show (like on The Good Wife or Lethal Weapon), it leaks to the press because it’s not a contained few months like a movie and crews talk. 

For months, Will & Grace fans have been speculating about a feud because Megan Mullally and Debra Messing unfollowed one another on Instagram; Megan also unfollowed Sean Hayes. Eric McCormack seems to be neutral in that realm. 

Why unfollow when you KNOW fans are going to notice? If you want to keep the feud quiet, why not just mute the person? If you are a public figure with a public social media profile and people can see who you are following and unfollowing, it’s not simply an “oh I didn’t know it would be a big deal” situation. Lainey talked about this in reference to Hailey and Justin Bieber posting a clip about Taylor Swift - it’s not enough to play dumb about the consequences of this anymore. Every celebrity knows that their follows/unfollows/likes/comments are tracked – there are accounts dedicated to doing this. Megan and Debra are obviously a different fame level and generation from that whole thing, but they both have been famous for a long time. Debra in particular is very active on Twitter, so this is not a case of them not getting how it works. They knew it would bring up questions. When you post something like this and tag everyone but one co-worker, of course fans are going to notice. The rules of pettiness still apply to celebrities, maybe even more so.


TV Line reported that Megan will miss two episodes as Karen, and a lot of people are tying this into the feud. This could be it, but Megan Mullally’s mom also passed away this year, so perhaps she needed some time off. She also could have been working on another project, or was feeling under the weather… there are plenty of reasons people take time off work. (For those who worry, Megan and Nick Offerman seem more than fine.) But because this situation is a gossip vacuum, everything is tied back to the feud; Eric McCormack is the only cast member to publicly comment on it by brushing it off.

This leaves us with nothing but theories. Many of you have written me positing that it could be a political issue – Debra is very vocally anti-Trump on Twitter. Megan is also anti-Trump and often tweets in support of Democrat policies, but it’s 2019 so sides are not so clear-cut – could there have been a heated discussion over lunch? Did they just get sick of one another, which can definitely happen with co-workers? Is someone getting more zingers in the script and it’s a “creative difference?” We don’t know! And, if they are anything like Archie and Julianne, we may never know what happened. 

In the course of researching this story, these photos from the 2005 Golden Globes came up and I’d be remiss not to post their matching looks, which are fire. These women know secrets.