By all accounts, Meghan Markle’s first away day with the Queen yesterday was a success. I mean, it was pretty obvious on Her Majesty face, non? The day went so well not even the British tabloids, usually pretty reliable, could create a scandal out of the not-really-all-that-awkward moment when the Queen and Meghan approached the car door at the same time. Especially not when it was revealed towards the end of the day that the earrings Meghan was wearing were a gift from the Queen’s personal collection. And the Queen wore pearls too, so that they could be twinsies. The moment that detail came out, nobody gave a f-ck anymore about the goddamn car door. Royal Meghan would have returned to London with a gold star on her report card, no doubt. 

And now, while we wait for Meghan and Harry’s next outing, we have a new quote to obsess over. During the walkabout, Meghan was asked by royal well-wishers about the wedding, about being married. And she replied:  

"It is wonderful. I'm really enjoying it. He's the best husband ever."

OK but what else is she supposed to say? In her position, that’s the only way to answer that question. Not that I don’t want to keep basking in their wedding glow but, come on, at least make them earn it. Like major eye-f-cking the next time they step out. The protocol police will lose their minds.