There were two stories about Jessie J over the weekend. The first came from an interview in the GayTimes with Michelle Visage. In it, when asked about Drag Race Season 12 guest judge Nicki Minaj, Michelle says this:


“What I loved about Nicki is that she was so, I don’t want to say ‘real’ because it’s a stupid term, but she was genuine, honest and herself. When superstars come in, you don’t know what you’re going to get. You don’t know if they’re going to be standoffish, not nice, a total cold person like Jessie J was to us when we did the tour in Australia. But Nicki? She was amazing.”

Oof. She even goes on to say, “I don’t care if you put that in there. It wasn’t nice.” This isn’t the first time Michelle has talked about her feelings towards Jessie J either. Back on her What’s the Tee podcast with RuPaul in 2016, she described the interaction in more detail. “She never said hi, walked off about 100 feet that way and talked on her phone, was Snapchatting, doing everything, never introduced herself, never said thank you, never said hi, her people never even acknowledged us.”

Let’s not forget that the first comment was COMPLETELY UNPROMPTED. The interviewer was asking about Nicki Minaj, and Michelle took it as an opportunity to call out Jessie J. I’m sure slip-ups and call outs happen during celeb interviews, but the fact that Michelle doubled down and told them to print it is ballsy. How cold was Jessie J if Michelle is still carrying a grudge like this?


We all live to hear gossip about celebrities when they’re rude and bitchy. See Ellen DeGeneres’s reputation. So obviously, I’m very into Michelle Visage spilling the tea. But it reflected a side of Jessie J that, until now, I hadn’t known about. 

The second story this weekend about Jessie J had to do with Channing Tatum. A few weeks ago, it was reported that they had once again broken up after reconciling at the beginning of the year. Sunday was Chan’s birthday, and Jessie posted a bunch of photos and videos on her story wishing him a happy birthday.

“Happy 40th Birthday to this special man right here. You are truly one of a kind. I am so grateful you were born, and even more grateful we met. <3”


Does that sound like the same person Michelle Visage dragged in her interview? It’s hard to tell, because image is everything. Obviously on social media and in public, Jessie is sweet and loving. She could still be cold in private. However, we’re only hearing about it secondhand. Plus, her relationship with Chan was serious enough to include his daughter. Even after, the two have been amicable and kind to one another. So, what’s the deal?

Maybe Jessie was just having a bad day, and the wrong person was there to see it. If that’s the case, this story should begin and end with Michelle Visage and it won’t be like an Ellen DeGeneres situation with all kinds of people coming out of the woodwork with sh-t to share. Watch this space.