Thanksgiving is the perfect day for a hike. I love a Thanksgiving hike. Jacek and I call it “epic walk” and we do it every Thanksgiving. It’s a 22km (13 miles) loop with our dogs and it takes between two to three hours, depending on how sniffy the beagles are and whether or not we stop for snacks and we do it first thing in the morning, then go home for a big brunch and a nap, followed by a feast.


Here are Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher on a hike with the dogs and kids on American Thanksgiving in LA. You know the first thing I noticed? 

Mila’s sweatsuit. Because I have it. I feel like at this point we all do. And when I say “we”, I don’t just mean me and Sasha and our friend group, after Sasha posted about the brand way back but also Jennifer Lopez, who was seen in a TKEES set in June. And for some reason, everyone has these shades too – either “nutmeg” or “toast” and “cinnamon” too. TKEES are popular for a reason (and no, this is not a paid sponsorship, I f-cking wish, considering how much I shop there, so I guess I’m a chump for doing this but I’m all for sharing comfort) – those of us who have them live in them. They’re so comfortable and they hold up after a lot of use and laundering and the jogger just looks so good, with the slight drop crotch and the cuffed hem. Black Friday sales are on right now. The jogger is 50% off. If you’re not into the earth tone colours, the “olive” is great and so is the “hunter green”. But my favourite is “Miami pink”.