As far as new celebrity couples go, Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles were pretty well-received yesterday, right? Especially when you consider that Harry was part of One Direction and band fans can be… pretty emotional when their faves have boyfriends/girlfriends. Especially those who are the “Larry” believers. “Larry” stands for Louis + Harry, as in Tomlinson and Styles, and the delusionists have conspiracy-theoried for years that Louis and Harry are/were secret lovers. Not unlike the whole “Kaylor” thing (that would be Karlie Kloss + Taylor Swift). 


Olivia is Harry’s highest profile romance in a long time – and high profile is the way to describe it with the handholding photos released yesterday that, as I noted in my post, they seemed to be pretty comfortable with. I’m not saying they were Kardashians about it, but I have a hard time believing they didn’t know that they were being papped and given that they just went about their business, presumably they don’t give a sh-t if people find out, even though, as sources tell PEOPLE, it’s only been “a few weeks”.

Where celebrities are concerned, never mind a few weeks, a few days are often enough. However long it’s been, they showed up to a wedding as a couple, and Harry reportedly called Olivia his “girlfriend” during his speech. It’s not just that he referred to her as his “girlfriend”, but that he mentioned her in the speech at all. That’s when you know you’re in deep: when you can’t help but namecheck the person no matter what you’re talking about. 


Celebrity love can get intense real quick, especially when people are working together because a film set is a whole other level of workplace vulnerability and intimacy. In Olivia and Harry’s case, in particular, on the set of Don’t Worry Darling, she’s a part of the cast but she’s also the director. So they’re watching each other Show Their Work and he’s watching her Show Her Work on top of Showing Her Work. Which… must be sexy as f-ck. It is SO sexy when someone is great at their job. And if I were Harry, that’s what I would have been crushing on initially. For Olivia, that gets reciprocated as soon as she can see him performing on stage. The Grammys are coming up in a few weeks. Harry has been nominated for Pop Solo Performance for “Watermelon Sugar”. Might that take on new meaning for her if he’s sings it (to her? for her?) during the show?