Nikki Reed is pregnant, and she announced it on Instagram with a note to her future baby. That’s the most low-key part of her post.

There’s belly cupping, and then there’s this – Bountiful Woman Floating in a Meadow. Look at the details here: she’s in a baby blue linen caftan, soft and ethereal. The warm light. The prominently displayed wedding rings. His belly cup/kiss with closed eyes. It looks like a cross between a pamphlet for a New Age church and the generic photo that comes inside a new frame.

But it’s also pretty on brand for Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder. They are effusive with one another on social media, so much so that I don’t even really notice it anymore. But I did notice that they both turned off comments on this post. Let me tell you why -- when The Vampire Diaries fans meet Twihards… holy sh-t. I don’t even know what they fight about most of the time. Some are still stuck on Nina Dobrev and (um, WHY?). There’s a lot of generic hate for Nikki, or “she’s not good enough for you” rage. (Again, WHY?). Even the complimentary comments are kind of weird, like, “Will the baby pull the mother and shine in the sun or the father and burn?” Someone needs to explain to this person that the baby will be human.

It’s interesting that both Nikki and Ian come with rabid vampire fanbases, though. She lived through Twilight and can understand the insanity better than anyone (she bore the brunt of Robsten fans for a long time because of her fling with Robert Pattinson in the early days of filming). But are these over-the-top declarations of L-O-V-E in meadow are a reaction to the vitriol, or a pandering to the fanbase? Because who is this announcement for? Not friends and family, but for the fans. She looks a few months along so has been concealing it until now, waiting for the right time. What makes this the “right time” to tell their rarified world?

Nikki has co-founded a fashion line, BaYou With Love, available for pre-order on May 6. Hey, that’s tomorrow! The pregnancy photoshoot looks like it was done the same day as the promo shots for the clothing line. One of the pieces available is the blue caftan.

All completely coincidental, I’m sure. It’s not like celebrities use their families to market products. Nope. Not ever. Certainly not. How dare I even imply it.




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