The gossip week started with the news that Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles are dating after they were photographed holding hands at a wedding on the weekend and sources have since confirmed that it’s been “a few weeks” after they started working together on Don’t Worry Darling. 


New pictures of the two were released yesterday, published exclusively by the Daily Mail, that show Olivia and Harry hanging out with some friends in Santa Barbara. The shots were taken on Sunday, so the day after the wedding, and presumably the people they’re with were also guests at the event and they were saying their goodbyes before leaving the resort. These latest pictures then precede the ones that were released earlier in the week, right after the wedding handholding shots, of Olivia and Harry arriving back at his place - she’s wearing the same outfit. 

I just want to be clear on the dates because I think there’s been some confusion that these images, of Harry in a pink beanie, with his arm around Olivia at one point, and also the two of them looking at each other flirtatiously, are from a separate outing which is not the case. So far, since it broke that they’re together, they have not been seen, nor have they been on social media. Some of you have messaged me about whether or not these are pap walk shots and if this was a coordinated rollout of a relationship, celebrity playbook styles, and I’m not sure we can call it that at this point. I mean, I appreciate that they weren’t running for cover when the paps were shooting them but just because they weren’t going out of their way to hide their situation doesn’t mean that they’re actively famewhoring it either. Right now, the way I see it, it’s more like a shrug: oh, ok, people are going to know… whatever, fine.


As for how they kept it a secret for as long as they did, apparently James Corden helped out. Harry and James are close and that was where he and Olivia hung out when the first started. Speaking of Harry and James Corden though, it was exactly a year ago today that they were on holiday together in Anguilla with Adele. At the time it was Adele who got all the attention when she was photographed on the beach. Am I savant with dates and anniversaries? How long am I going to be able to keep this up?