Sarah wrote in the previous post re: the Mission: Impossible 7 – Dead Reckoning trailer (and its bonkers punctuation, which spilled over into this sentence!) about why the culture in general has embraced Tom Cruise and not side-eying his freaking Scientology sh-t and she cited a number of reasons ranging from Tom’s media re-strategy and a perceived loss of Scientology public power. Here’s another reason: people in the entertainment industry keep working with him, and I’m not just talking about the studios, but about other stars, other actors. From the past, present, and future casts of the Missions, to Emily Blunt and Rosamund Pike and Jesse Plemons and whatever other movies he will do (because he will NEVER stop making movies, OK? He knows everything about movies, he ONLY knows movies, he studies movies, he sees ALL THE MOVIES, sneaking into theatres for every single release!) in my opinion, this is a factor too: its embrace by committee, celebrity committee. 


On that note, here’s Jennifer Connelly in New York doing press for Top Gun: Maverick before its blockbuster opening this weekend. At the big premiere in London last week, she said that she’s never promoted a movie quite like this before – which, basically, means Tom Cruise styles, SPECTACULAR SPECTACULAR! Jennifer is an Oscar winner, she’s been in the business a long time, and even she’s navigating new territory here. For some people, the fact that she’s even in this movie is new territory… because we don’t typically associate Jennifer Connelly with this kind of project. 

Which is why I like her so much in Top Gun: Maverick. She’s great in the movie, it’s a totally different energy for her. Her character is cheeky, ballsy, flirtatious, and VERY sexy. There’s a sweater she wears that is so perfect for the scene (it happens on the water) that I will rewatch, just for that part. Even her hair is lighter in the movie – and it’s kind of thrilling to see her in something that isn’t uber serious, thrilling to know that she’s part of what will likely be one of the biggest blockbusters of the summer. And she is enjoying the experience. It’s been a blast for her. So, to go back to the original point, that’s what we’re dealing with here when we’re addressing all the layers of this Cruiseaissance, as Sarah called it


To go back to outfits though, can we talk about this one? Because this westerny shirt with the skirt and these f-cking Louis Vuitton boots that we’ve been seeing over the last few weeks since the LV cruise show in San Diego… SO GOOD.

As are the dark brown boots she wore at Colbert yesterday and the black boots with the white trim she wore at the New York screening of Top Gun: Maverick last night. The LV boot porn this year is extreme!