Maybe it’s because I’ve been thinking about St Elmo’s Fire since they’re developing a St Elmo’s Fire series but doesn’t Andie MacDowell still look like she did in St Elmo’s Fire? That hair. It’s gorgeous. 

And she’s doing more for this suit than it probably deserves. 

This is a “fall is on the way” suit. Nobody is ready to hear that, I’m sorry. You probably don’t want it see it either. But it’s cool(ish) in Toronto today and Sasha’s thinking about blazers and, if you’re organised, you’re thinking about your fall wardrobe and what pieces to add to your staples and I’m thinking about whether or not my suit jackets should be longer, like Andie’s here. 

She’s wearing a longer jacket with extra flared pants, thank you for letting us see the shoes, unlike how Victoria Beckham would wear it – and now I’m regretting this as the Outfit of the Week because this is tall girl privilege, goddamn it! Are you taunting the short? 

Whatever, this is a classic. Fifty years from now they’ll show this in a magazine and it’ll still be stylish. They could have shown it fifty years ago with the same result. 

Back to fall shopping though…

All I can think about it getting a head start on turtlenecks right now. Current goal is to find a black turtleneck sweater with a red or white heart right on the neck. Can someone please design this?