Jodie Comer was at the London premiere of The Last Duel last night in a glorious pale pink sequin suit. It’s Gucci. But it’s also Liza. 

Jodie is working with Elizabeth Saltzman who often appears on The Hollywood Reporter Power Stylists list, and also works with Sandra Oh and Phoebe Waller-Bridge, so she’s basically got Killing Eve covered, and has managed to carve out style signatures for each of her three clients. 


This suit is a perfect choice for the occasion. The colour here, the faintness of the pink, is lovely. But also tricky. Because a pink this soft can be too twee on the wrong piece and I don’t think that’s Jodie’s vibe. Which is why the cut of this suit in this colour works so well. The suit, as you can see, is oversized, by design. Note how the sleeves fall perfectly at her wrists? The jacket is meant to fit like this, like she stepped into a man’s closet and ran off with his blazer. It’s meant to look like the wearer put on someone else’s jacket and Jodie carries it beautifully. 

Because the jacket is intentionally oversized, the fit of the pants brings the balance. It’s not that these pants are tight, but the proportions are definitely narrower, yet still allow for movement, and the length is exactly right to offset the blazer. You know who these pants remind me of? It’s the sequins for sure that makes it extra evocative, but Liza Minnelli, right? There’s a 70s vibe to how these pants are falling that Jodie pulls off so well.

This suit is a great follow-up to the really great Alaia dress that Jodie wore in Venice – she and Elizabeth Saltzman may be just coming into a good collaborative groove (it can take a while, like any relationship, to figure out and fine-tune what works and doesn’t) and the timing is perfect. Jodie Comer’s making space for herself on the red carpet.