Anne Hathaway is trending on social media – and it’s because of her fashion. Which is part of the work. So let’s talk about this really good work. 


Annie is there for Armageddon Time which is screening in competition in Cannes. This is her first time at the festival, which I didn’t know because, well, it’s Anne Hathaway… how is that possible? But that is indeed the case and since it’s her first time, obviously she had to bring it. And she f-cking brought it.

You know what the secret weapon is? Her hair. If you’ve seen WeCrashed, you know about this hair. I could not stop thinking about her hair when I watched that series – we are in the glory days of Anne Hathaway hair right now and her hair is a factor in every one of these great looks. Let’s start with the arrival fit. Sarah wrote the other day about some of the Cannes arrival fits that we were seeing at the start of the festival, balancing style with comfort and this one is the champion. 

Anne Hathaway is seen arriving ahead of the 75th annual Cannes film festival at Nice Airport on May 18, 2022 in Nice, France

Black suit, loose and slouchy, those pants a perfect fit, with a plain white tee, a gold necklace, and sneakers – it’s giving glamour and business, fashion and function. And somehow her hair is not greasy from the flight. I don’t know what it is about flying but I could wash my hair an hour before a flight and by the time I come off the plane it’s oily AF. 


Next up… the floral sequined pants and top. 

Anne Hathaway is seen during the 75th annual Cannes film festival on May 19, 2022 in Cannes, France

The pants are high waist, the top is cropped, the collar is high, the sleeves are long, and the print is exactly French Riviera. You will note, the hair is blown out now, side part, not overly done, but the colour is rich and the long layers frame her face beautifully. 

Now the showstopper. Annie at the Palais, in white two-piece Armani Privé, her arms looped into a bow-train that is unreal from the back: 

Anne Hathaway attends the screening of "Armageddon Time" during the 75th annual Cannes film festival at Palais des Festivals on May 19, 2022 in Cannes, France

Anne told PEOPLE that she and her stylist, Erin Walsh, put a lot of thought into this look: 

"You know, I've never been to Cannes, and I've been watching the fashion of the film festival unfold for a couple decades now. And I've noticed certain things you can never go wrong with. You never go wrong with a little sparkle. You never go wrong with something that looks chic and glamorous, but feels very, very comfortable. And I noticed that a lot of my favorite actresses had their first-hand experience wearing all white. So that was what I did."


Thank you, Annie, for talking about the care and consideration that goes into preparing for this moment. That there was intention here, that it was deliberate, strategic, that it required effort. She deserves to go viral for it because she put in the work. 

And she knows. Look at her. She knows she ate that up last night. She knows she was this was fashion porn: 

That f-cking necklace. And that f-cking HAIR! Some people may have been tempted to do more with the hair. To put it up, sweep it off the face, bring out the shoulders. That would be wrong. Not when the hair is this good, falling softly, with very, very little volume, around her face, and those amazing curtain bangs – the goddamn prototype for how curtain bangs should be – settling flawlessly around her forehead and cheeks… it’s SO sexy and romantic, modern but also a bit vintage with a 70s vibe, and she has never looked more beautiful, and now I’m trying to restrain myself from grabbing a pair of scissors and doing this with my own hair with those curtain layers, I am so obsessed. Thank you Anne Hathaway for taking us into the long weekend with this style triumph. 

And a salute to another Oscar winner who lit up the Cannes red carpet last night. Julia Roberts also made an appearance as an ambassador for Chopard, a sponsor of the festival. The jewels were the main event so Julia wore a Louis Vuitton jumpsuit that came with tails for the Palais to showcase that gigantic yellow stone – like look at the size of those diamonds that form the necklace and then the brick in the middle makes them look like flecks of salt! 


Then she changed into a jacket and skirt for an event later on. 

Juila Roberts attends the photocall for the Chopard Trophy during the 75th annual Cannes film festival at Martinez Hotel on May 19, 2022 in Cannes, France

Here’s a cute video of her at the end of the night giving us some Vivian Ward energy: 

That’s the smile, right? That famous big smile that’s become so familiar over the last 30 years. Julia Roberts is timeless.