Dear Gossips,

Many of you have emailed over the last few weeks asking about our Normal People coverage since I wrote about the book so much last year. The show hasn’t aired yet in Canada but that changes this week. CBC Gem will air two episodes a week beginning Wednesday, May 27. CBC Gem is a free streaming service which means that for Canadians, as long as you have an internet connection, you can watch. So we’ll talk more about Normal People later this week and on upcoming episodes of Show Your Work. 


For now, though, please enjoy some new photos of Paul Mescal, aka Connell, in London. There are a lot of people crushing on Paul now. Or rather on Connell, Connell and his necklace. So many essays have been inspired by that chain necklace (here’s a good one by Terry Nguyen for Vox). So much horniness has been inspired by that chain. 

According to the show’s costume designer, Lorna Marie Mugan, Paul remembered the detail about the chain in the book and wanted it for the character. It seems like he ended up wearing it throughout the shoot and the way Lorna talks about, during production, apparently they didn’t really pay it all that much attention. Or at least they didn’t intentionally set out to draw all that much attention to it? I don’t know. The camera seems to linger on that chain deliberately. That chain, and chains in general, has become the new “you up?”

Paul has revealed that he gave the necklace to his co-lead Daisy Edgar-Jones (a real life “Daisy Jones”!). For those of you who have seen Normal People and might be shipping Paul and Daisy, she was with her boyfriend, Tom Varey, this weekend; they were kissing in the park.


Again, if you’re in Canada and you have no idea who these people are you, you’re about to find out on Wednesday. Normal People begins Wednesday on CBC Gem. Here’s the trailer if you missed it when I posted about it in April.

Yours in gossip,