I’m obsessed with this video. This video is a shipper’s dream – it can’t be more than 2 or 3 seconds, a quick glance, but in that short time, there’s so much to take away. 

As posted yesterday, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle joined the Queen at Westminster Abbey for Commonwealth Service, where Liam Payne sang John Mayer’s Waiting On The World To Change. It’s an earnest song and earnestly is the only way to sing it – especially in church. Observing earnestness can be embarrassing to watch, because earnestness is such a close cousin to performed sincerity. This is probably why humanity has been corrupted, because we (and by we I mean people like me: assholes) have lost the ability to give the benefit of the doubt to one over the other. 

Anyway, this was Harry and Meghan’s reaction when Liam was done: 

Shout-out to whoever was calling the camera shots here in the control room for zooming in on that little girl’s bored expression first, at the conclusion of the song, before then cutting over to Harry lifting his eyebrows at Meghan, who couldn’t help herself and giggled. 

The raising of Harry’s eyebrows could have meant anything. Maybe it meant that he was looking forward to the end of the service because he needed a drink. Maybe it was suggestive. Maybe he too is embarrassed by earnestness. Whatever the reason, it’s clear, these two, like all couples, can communicate without speaking, can read each other without having to say a word. It’s a silent bond in a relationship that actually depends not on romance but on friendship. Duana and I can look at each other, subtly, and know exactly what the other is thinking. Same goes for all of us on The Social. And Jacek and I have this too. You and your closest are the same. This is where we come back to the shipping. Having seen this short unspoken exchange, I’m convinced there is telepathy between Harry and Meghan, which makes me even more all in their chemistry.  

Here are some more photos from yesterday of the royals at Westminster Abbey.