Brag alert – I knew it! Back on October 30th, following Priyanka Chopra’s bridal shower at Tiffany, when she wore Marchesa, which Anna Wintour has been trying to boost, I predicted that it would be a Vogue wedding. Vogue confirmed today that Priyanka will be on the cover of the January issue …



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…and they’ve already posted the full article, presumably timed for the wedding this weekend. I don’t know what I’m bragging about. It’s not like it was hard. 

Priyanka and Nick Jonas are now in Jodhpur where they will marry at a proper palace, the “sixth largest residence in the world” Which likely means the Vogue cover, when we finally see it, will be of her in her wedding dress. If Nick is on the cover too, how much you want to bet that he won’t be jumping up and down on his wife’s head like a deranged narcissistic monkey? What? You don’t know what I’m talking about? Shame. 


This Vogue article though. What is happening this week? This is the week of the resurgence of the celebrity profile! We’re getting a LOT here, which, obviously, Anna Wintour would have insisted on. Priyanka and Nick, it turns out, aren’t quite Fast Flames™. Nick had a crush on Priyanka for a while. In 2016 he cold-messaged her. They texted for months. Half a year later, at the Oscars, which was the first time they met in person, he got down on one knee in the middle of the Vanity Fair party. They talked for a few minutes, she left to go get on a plane. A few months later, they hung out at the 2017 Met Gala. She invited him over that night. Her ma was in her apartment. Nick didn’t kiss her …because her ma was in the apartment. Instead he patted her on the back as he was leaving, LOL. Then they didn’t see each other for a whole ass year. And then this year’s Met Gala happened and, well, that was it. He told his ma that he was going to marry Priyanka after their third official date. This boy was ALL IN. 

So….does that qualify as Fast Flames™? I don’t think so. Because, clearly, they’d spent almost two years actually getting to know each other, building up to when they were both ready, in the same place and space. And then, when they finally got there, well, why wait? 

But this Vogue piece isn’t just about their relationship and imminent wedding. Priyanka’s not stupid. These two are in love but you don’t Vogue your wedding if you’re not maximizing the f-ck out of what it can give you. So this is also a profile of her as an actor, a profile of her work, it’s a backgrounder with the basics – how she got started, where she was educated, her career before Hollywood, as one of Bollywood’s biggest stars – for an audience that may not be familiar, which is probably most of Vogue’s readership. In the immediate, this is in service of Isn’t It Romantic?, the movie with Rebel Wilson that’s coming out in February. Going forward, it sets up Priyanka on a higher fame register for the next move. This is excellent PR, a well-executed strategy that smoothly leverages personal for professional. You know who else is really good at that? Jennifer Lopez. Think of the potential.