As we’ve seen, it’s a big moment for Rachel Zegler right now. She received her first acting nominations today and there may be more to come. Which means more red carpets. She was at a CNN event the other day wearing what I think is her best look so far of the West Side Story press tour. (Go Fug Yourself) 


I know I’m biased because I have dogs but they’re so f-cking cute when they find something they’re obsessed with and start playing. Look at how happy this yellow lab is with that skateboard. That said, my dogs are either lazy or scared – Elvis wouldn’t bother because he’s a pork chop who doesn’t move unless he’s forced to. And Barney would just run away from it and yell. (Dlisted)  

The question is “what is the smallest hill you’ll die on”, and that’s my monthly opportunity, like menstruation, and that’s conveniently happening right now too, for me to sh-t on raisins. That’s my hill: RAISINS RUIN EVERYTHING. (Pajiba)  

British royal Christmas cards, 2021 edition. Prince William is wearing shorts which is probably being called “refreshing!” and “charming!” in some circles. Meanwhile Charles and Camilla chose a candid moment. And do you think Harry and Meghan will release one this year? (Cele|bitchy)  

Miley Cyrus is two-tone dressing these days, and it looks great on her. I love this style vibe and this Miley style era in general. Suits her so well. (Vogue)