Look! It’s Tom Hiddleston! There was a moment in the 2010s when he was everywhere, all the time, always, and then Hiddleswift happened, and he went to ground. He’s been a different, quieter, less dancing Tom Hiddleston ever since. But here is Hiddles out in London yesterday with his dog, Bobby, and Tom Hiddleston With Dog is one of our favorite genres of Tom Hiddleston here at LaineyGossip. Let us enjoy these photos, and revel in a moment of Hiddles nostalgia. He was SO good for gossip. But now he’s older, and settled, and a parent, and the gossip is thus changed.


Of course, we’ll be seeing more of Hiddleston this year, as Loki season two is expected sometime this summer on Disney+. Hiddles narrated the 2023 Disney+ teaser, and there is a brief first look at Hiddles returning as Loki(s), and Owen Wilson as Mobius M. Mobius. The internet went bananas for Owen Wilson when Loki came out, will that happen again with season two? We haven’t seen a second season of any of the MCU TV shows yet, we don’t know how The Culture will react. Will it be like Netflix shows usually go, a case of diminishing returns? Or will Marvel and Loki be able to match, or even top, the quality and reception of season one? We’ll find out. In the meantime, Hiddles has emerged with his dog, six less weeks of winter for everybody.