A week ago today, social media exploded after a fashion influencer tweeted about Rihanna and A$AP Rocky breaking up because she found he cheated on her. That tweet has since been deleted, the OP has apologised, and Rihanna and Rocky were seen together, definitely not broken up, in Barbados. 


But yesterday, upon their return to LA, the cops were waiting for Rocky at the airport and arrested him. Rihanna was there and saw the whole thing go down. Police also searched Rocky’s home – and he’s reportedly been charged with assault with a deadly weapon or allegedly shooting someone in the hand in November. Rocky has now been released on $550K bail.

According to TMZ, Rocky and his team feel he was blindsided and don’t understand why the cops had to turn it into such a spectacle because they could have asked him to “voluntary surrender… a very common procedure LAPD and other agencies employ when they arrest a suspect. The cops would typically call the suspect's lawyer or other rep and arrange for the suspect to turn himself/herself in without fanfare.”


But TMZ’s police sources say that this was in the works for a week, and the reason it was carried out like this was because they were worried that if Rocky was tipped off, he’d get rid of the gun. 

For Rihanna, who is near the end of her pregnancy, this would obviously have been super stressful – to see the father of her child swarmed by cops and taken away after what looked like a relaxing trip before their lives change forever when they become parents. Like she’s almost there, and it’s been such a glorious time, as she recently shared with Vogue, and as she has shown us these last few months because she has not been hiding herself, and now, just as she’s almost there… this mess of a week. Let her ride this out in peace!