It was snowing in New York last night when Rihanna went out to meet A$AP Rocky for dinner. According to the paps, they went to the studio together afterwards. Whatever they had in NYC though, which was heading to Canada, seems a LOT milder than what we got here in Toronto. It’s a major snow day here and it’s expected to continue until at least this afternoon. There was two feet accumulated in my backyard at 7am this morning. Which I know you don’t give a sh-t about but where I am it’s all we can talk about. People are stuck on the freeway right now. 


Anyway, back to Rihanna…she must have been into her fit because she just posted about it on Instagram and Twitter: 


That really is a great bomber. You know what made me laugh though? It’s what happens whenever Rihanna does anything that isn’t music-related, which is basically everything she’s done in recent history. And that’s why these responses are inevitable: 



There’s only one answer: you’ll get it when you get it. And it’s not going to be soon. While we’re here though, let me show you another RiRi outfit I didn’t get to post from last week. She’s went out in the Balenciaga X Gucci Hacker Project puffer vest and headscarf. And of course she styled it perfectly.