Let’s interrupt our Jennifer Aniston divorce coverage with some shots of Robert Pattinson in yellow pants at the Berlin Film Festival with Mia Wasikowska. He does this once in a while… actually no, he does this specifically at this time. In Berlin!

I just went back to last year and Robert’s appearance at the Berlinale in 2017 to promote The Lost City Of Z. Look here to remember RP in a cropped jacket and OMG HERE dressing in homage to Sprockets. What happens to Robert Pattinson in Berlin? Is there something about Berlin that activates his inner fashionista? 

Because I think I like it. I enjoy this about him. Robert Pattinson in Berlin might be my favourite Robert Pattinson. And he looks good in this outfit, these yellow pants with the leather jacket. He also looks tanned from his, um, fitness holiday in Barbados where he showed us that he manscapes. 

Have we ever talked about Robert and Mia? They’ve worked together a few times. He was with Kristen Stewart and she was with Jesse Eisenberg. We all know what happened between RP and KS. We have no idea what happened between Mia and Jesse. One minute they’re super into each other. The next he’s having a baby with his ex-girlfriend, who he was with for years before Mia. 

Are Robert and Mia a possibility?