Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, who’s recycling his sweaters on this press tour now, were in London recently, continuing to promote Blade Runner 2049. The junket was this past weekend. A couple of my colleagues came back with major, major praise. The word Oscar was thrown around. And that seems to be the consensus so far after advance screenings. Critics are calling Blade Runner 2049 a “masterpiece” and some are even saying it’s better than the original. I guess I need to finish the original. As mentioned last week, I paused the original recently after the “love scene” made me so uncomfortable. Thank you for all your messages with your thoughts on that scene. Some of you wrote essays! I will never be mad at an essay. What was most interesting to me was the fact that most of the people who wrote essays are Blade Runner experts who’ve watched the film many, many, many times. Who’ve read the books. Who are seriously attached to the story. And even among these experts, men and women, there is no agreement as to whether or not that scene was problematic. I’ll finish it this weekend. Because Blade Runner 2049 opens next weekend. Given the anticipation and now the early acclaim, it might be one we should get to on the first weekend.

Everybody is talking about Roger Deakins’s cinematography. Sarah has shouted out Roger Deakins several times in her reviews. He’s been nominated 12 times for Oscar with no wins. Will it be for Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049? They’re already saying he’s a lock for a nomination and that the film should also be contender for Best Picture. I wonder too, if all of this hype holds up, if Harrison Ford might be in there for Best Supporting Actor consideration, if they’re willing to put him into that category. It would be a very sentimental vote. And it wouldn’t hurt the Oscars in terms of wide appeal. As we’ve seen year after year, the films nominated for Best Picture aren’t box office players. If Blade Runner 2049 is going to be a factor at the Oscars, it could be one of the few films in the conversation that the general public has actually seen. Which could draw in a bigger audience for the Oscar telecast. And bring up those ratings that they’re always angsting about the morning after.

Here's Harrison Ford at Good Morning America yesterday and at the Blade Runner 2049 press conference in LA with Ryan Gosling a couple of days ago.