Sarah Jessica Parker has been in the headlines recently because of the (brief) return of Kim Cattrall to the Sex and the City universe. But it’s also the 25th anniversary of the show and she’s been doing some events to mark the milestone which does feel a little weird because when we all think of SATC, we think of four women. 


Only three of them are celebrating though, LOL. 


SJP did a talk with Vogue today about the fashion on the show which streamed on Max. The clothes were a big part of the original series, and it’s impossible to talk about the show without mentioning the styling: 


SJP understands better than anyone else the impact of the fashion of SATC on the culture and on her career. This is why clothes are her big condition – she insists on keeping them: 

Not sure if the fits on And Just Like That… are having the same influence since times have changed and people are performing style in so many ways across so many other platforms. But it’s undeniable that Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbs, and Charlotte York had an enormous effect on how people dressed for an entire decade. 


Speaking of clothing, here’s SJP out in New York today but not on SATC business. Instead she’s promoting SJP Lit, the new imprint she announced earlier this year, and its first book – Elysha Chang’s A Quitter’s Paradise. SJP and Elysha did a joint interview with Vanity Fair this week when it was released and SJP made the talk show rounds in support of it this morning. As you can see, she has a copy of the book in her hand and seems to have matched her outfit to the cover. 

And in other SJP news, it was just announced today that she and Matthew Broderick are headed to London next year. She’ll be making her West End debut with Matthew in Neil Simon’s Plaza Suite which was a huge success during its Broadway run last year. So a lot of content to balance out the story about Kim coming back as Samantha and how she was able to shoot her part without any contact with SJP or Michael Patrick King. Solid PR strategising and scheduling from her and her team.