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Today is International Day of the Girl. And every day in the world, do you know what’s normal for girls? To be denied “equality”. This is f-cked up. Plan Canada encourages girls to be “defiant” in the face of this “normal” and urging us, men and women together, to join these Defiant Girls as they demand to grow up in equal opportunity, safe spaces. Because equality is a win for everyone. Go out there and defy normal. 

On this International Day of the Girl, here’s a woman who considers herself one of the “most bullied person(s) in the world". It’s Melania Trump. Melania probably is bullied because of who she’s married to. And she shouldn’t be bullied because she’s married to biggest bully in the world. I hope that Melania can be free from bullying. And I hope that the people who’ve been bullied by her husband – people of colour, people living with disabilities, displaced parents who’ve been separated from their children, members of the LGBTQ community, women want to make choices about their own bodies, everyone in Puerto Rico, Dr Christine Blasey Ford, etc etc etc – can also be free from bullying. Bullying is a power game and it most often, not always but often, happens when there is a power imbalance. I look forward to learning all about how Melania works to address this power problem. (Dlisted) 

Sarah Paulson talks about being in her 40s and the fear she has of turning 45 and being told that she’s not viable anymore. Of course she will still be viable and should still be viable. But of course the worry is still there. Because sexism and ageism. As a girl you’re often told you’re too young to have an opinion. As an older woman you’re told that you’re too old to tell a story. What, then, is the f-cking sweet spot? The Leonardo DiCaprio age range, obviously. (Cele|bitchy) 

I posted earlier about Katie Holmes and her gorgeous oversized sweater with the bad footwear. Loafers are also a really, really great option to go with an oversized sweater. Just as cute as combat boots. (Go Fug Yourself) 
What is the worst song by an artist you love? Kayleigh Donaldson has put together her list. I can think of a Madonna song that’s worse than the one she’s chosen though. That would be “4 Minutes”. Guess why? Also… I’d like to take this opportunity to say, once again, that “Bad Blood” is Taylor Swift’s worst song and I wish it wasn’t on 1989. (Pajiba) 

Remember those boys who were stuck in a cave this summer? They’re having the best day. Look at those smiles! (TMZ) 

Thanks to everyone asking about when the Show Your Work and Sasha Answers podcasts are coming back. SYW will happen next week and Sasha Answers not too long after that! If we were on though, I’d be pitching this story about Jami Gertz and how she owns an NBA basketball team. (The Hollywood Reporter) 

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