I tried to write a dedicated post about this couple because, yeah, totally, one of them is a Major Star. And when they first started dating, it was a thing. Perhaps because HE may not have known whether or not it would be a thing – if you recall, there was apparently someone else in the picture at the time too. That’s basically all I got. That was going to be the post. Three or four lines. And now they’re engaged. (Dlisted)  

This Johnny Depp story is confusing to me because a lot of the reporting is about how this is the first time Johnny’s spoken out but… I feel like Johnny’s had his say on this, I feel like his counter accusations about Amber Heard are out there – no one was sitting around wondering what position Johnny would take on this case. After all, he’s the one suing. So, you know, that’s just one way the man, as usual, has the advantage: every time he speaks his side, it’s a WORLD PREMIERE EXCLUSIVE even when it’s a f-cking rerun. Which, somewhere in there, is a metaphor about what an original he still thinks he is. (Cele|bitchy) 

This is my favourite thing that Katie Holmes has worn in a LONG time. I love this dress. I would wear it every day. I wear a version of it practically every day – high collar, shapeless but with shape, down to the floor. The shoe choice is sh-t though. There were a LOT of other much better options. (Go Fug Yourself)  

SURPRISE. Of course this is not a surprise. Julia Roberts isn’t into Game of Thrones. That’s why she’s so wrong about being a wildling. F-ck no, Julia Roberts would not be a Wildling. Julia Roberts could only be of one house: House Tyrell. She is 100% a descendant of Olenna Tyrell. RIGHT??! (Pajiba) 

Last week, in reference to Drake and that photo of his abs, I mentioned my years-long obsession with coolsculpting – and why no one was wondering about coolsculpting instead of lipo. Cardi B is having post-lipo complications. I don’t know anything about lipo, but it scares me. I know a little more about coolsculpting since I’m starting to do my research and here’s what I can tell you: it’s non-invasive! Why didn’t Cardi opt for coolsculpting? (TMZ) 

There was another royal wedding this weekend. OfMichael’s daughter got married – look how happy OfMichael is to be sitting next to Prince Philip and not actually beside her husband. Which I’m sure she was all too happy to arrange. I see you OfMichael. (Vanity Fair)