How’s your Shawn Mendes problem? How many times do you listen to Lost In Japan every day? The day it was released, I had it on repeat for a full 3 hours. I haven't texted Kathleen about Shawn Mendes today because we have work to do and neither one of us has to the time to hold hands and squeal and stress about what all this means, WHAT DOES IT MEAN? 

I posted back in December about Shawn and Hailey Baldwin and the months of rumours that they’re a thing. Well, no, it’s not just rumours, it’s the fact that they were in Toronto together, hugging and sh-t, and making out at the Daniel Caesar show, despite the fact that she’s tried to front that she’s single. Until yesterday? 

Here’s what she posted on Tumblr, photos of Shawn backstage at Drop The Mic. And here’s what Shawn put on Instagram. 


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This is major, OK. With the kids, it’s monumental. Sharing a shot of the girl you’re supposedly dealing with is a situation to be discussed, among us, certainly, but previously between them. That’s how you do it now – you decide, together, what you want to share, and when. It’s no coincidence that this happened on their accounts on the same day. So does this mean they’re ready? That they’ve officially gone public, but are trying not to be too gross about it? Some people go public by putting their hands and mouths all over each other. Shawn and Hailey are, well, I don’t think they’re touching. If they are touching they’re barely touching. 

In other words, it’s a tease, a deliberate tease. This is a game – it could be a dangerous game. I’m not mad at it but…well…his fans, they’re pretty intense. Every emotion gets taken to Defcon The Highest Level. Outside of that drama though, if we’re considering Shawn Mendes’s career, what moves he’s making as he enters adulthood, and an expansion of his fan-base with the release of his new album, this could be an indication that he’s developing his brand in more ways than with just the music. There’s the upcoming week-long residency on The Late Late Show with James Corden, he’s mentioned that he wants to do more acting, and, now he seems to be participating in the gossip business, gently exploiting his personal life. With that, I’m even more interested. Shawn Mendes is here to play.