Shawn Mendes is currently on tour. Camila Cabello appears to have joined him on tour, at least for the last week or so. Last weekend, Shawn and Camila were seen undeniably together-ing in LA, holding hands, kisses, hugging each other because they couldn’t stop hugging each other, and this weekend she was with him in San Francisco still kissing and hugging each other all over the place. 

Here they are on Friday night…

And I’ve attached photos of them on the next morning over coffee. TMZ has the exclusive and details here. As you can see, quite obviously actually, they just rolled out of bed. Like the same bed. 

Sorry. I love young summer love. I love these two and their summer of love. Even though, I know, there’s some skepticism. Is it too convenient? Is it for “Señorita”? I believed in Selena and Justin when people thought it was fake. And I believe that Shawn and Camila are real too. That said, since I’m all about Love Island right now and analysing kisses, I will say that both Kathleen and I were kinda hoping for a hotter kiss than the one that happened here, I’ll repost the tweet:


I mean, I get it, they were in public, they weren’t about to go full Pam and Tommy at the table. But as far as kisses go, it looks a bit awkward. You know what saves it though? It’s after the kiss, when he tucks his hand under hair and puts it at the back of her neck. I’m always telling Jacek to do this to me and he has no f-cking game, his fingers keep getting caught in my hair. Shawn’s game isn’t, like, at baller levels yet. But I see potential, don’t you?