Look at this picture of Simone Biles on the cover of Health! She looks amazing. And properly lit! And you know what else? I bet you achieving this perfect pose was… easy. Because, really, what is jumping up in the air, quite simply, to Simone Biles? She can jump up and twist and pike and slip and twirl, all at the same time… so this? This was literally effortless. (Go Fug Yourself) 


The billionaires of our time all want to go to space. They have mountains of money to spend. But earth is no longer a place they want to spend it. Because, well, nothing on earth serves the ego more than whatever it is they want to do in space. This is about vanity. It’s about immortality. And now Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos are in a billionaire dick-swing over who’s going to space first. May the biggest dick win. (Dlisted) 

Earlier when I wrote about this interminable f-cksh-t over baby Lilibet’s name, I said that these royal protocol assholes are acting like a bugler needed to be summoned to broadcast Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s official request for approval from the Queen over what to call their daughter. And now, right on time, they’re saying that it needed to be a formal written document submitted to Her Majesty. Can we go back to the fact that they’re harassing this couple over a BABY NAME? She is not even a week old! (Cele|bitchy) 

This is the kind of question that I would love to spend two hours debating: when do you say “this weekend” and when do you say “next weekend”? What exactly do you mean when you say each one? To me, it depends on the day you’re saying it. For example, today is Thursday, so when I say “this weekend”, I mean the weekend that starts tomorrow, Friday, followed by Saturday and Sunday. But if today was Monday or Tuesday, “this weekend” would mean the Sunday in the past and the two days preceding it. And therefore “next weekend” would be the following Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Wednesday is the tricky day though. Because it’s right in the middle. So on Wednesdays, I say “this past weekend” to refer to the weekend that just was, and “this coming weekend” to refer to the weekend that’s on the way. And now I guess I have to post this clip. (Pajiba) 



I love the Avengers. So, yes, if there’s an opportunity, I would consider going to Avengers campus. But not just for the rides and etc. Food is a big deal at a theme park. Obviously I have memorised every detail in this piece about the food at Avengers campus. I want to the Choco-Smash candy bar. I definitely want the shawarma. And the PB3 Superb Sandwich because for some reason I get a thrill out of paying for the most basic of sandwiches: PB&J. It’s on blue bread though! (Eater)