Sydney Sweeney is having a big year, from the breakout success of The White Lotus last summer to the Euphoria domination of early 2022, and reports that she’s one of the possible Madonnas, plus her engagement—lots going on for Sydney. Now, she’s making the leap to superhero movies and joining Dakota Johnson in Madame Web. No one has any idea what this movie will look like or what the tone will be or how they’ll interpret Madame Web, a sickly old lady hooked up to machines who never physically confronts anyone, or what role Sydney Sweeney is playing. What we DO know is that Sony is still trying to make “Sony Picture’s Universe of Marvel Characters” happen as the name of their not-MCU branded films. SPUMC. They really want their superhero universe to be called SPUMC.


Once again, nobody actually knows what Sweeney is doing in Madame Web, but after the news broke yesterday, Black Cat started trending on Twitter. Black Cat, aka Felicia Hardy, is a thief who is sometimes good, sometimes bad, and if that sounds familiar, yeah, she’s kind of a Catwoman knock-off. Another possibility is Silver Sable, an assassin-type who sometimes teams up with Black Cat. A few years ago, Gina Prince-Bythewood was going to direct a Silver & Black film, but it was eventually cancelled and GPB made The Old Guard instead. Or maybe Sweeney is playing Charlotte Witter, one of Madame Web’s villains. Even though details are maddeningly vague about Madame Web, I like Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney a lot, so at least the casting is promising, if nothing else.

Speaking of SPUMC, Morbius—a real movie that definitely exists—is coming out on April 1, and I am almost certain that’s not a joke. Jared Leto, who also has WeCrashed premiering on Apple TV+ this Friday, currently covers Variety to promote the movie which, again, absolutely does exist.