I wanted to use these photos of Taylor Swift yesterday in New York so, while figuring out what to write in this post, I noticed that the first link in the google carousel was this headline at Cosmopolitan:

Karlie Kloss Hung Out with Harry Styles, and Taylor Swift Fans Are Fully Spiraling

This is about a picture that Diane Von Furstenberg posted two days ago that Maria referenced in Smutty Social Media

Here’s an example of how the fans are “fully spiraling”:

This is AMAZING. It’s amazing insight into the mind of a fan and it’s really, really good shade. Because, sure, apparently Taylor is “legit” the ONLY topic of conversation between two famous, well-connected twenty-something famous people. And that’s how much they respect these two particular twenty-something famous people. That’s pretty much the extent of Karlie and Harry’s conversational skills. 

So to recap, not only has Taylor not publicly congratulated Karlie Kloss on her engagement, Karlie is now spending time with her ex. Which must be further evidence that #KaylorIsBroken. Forever? 

Beyond the #Kaylor conspiracy theorists who are invested in the Taylor and Karlie relationship because they think it’s The Notebook, why do we care so much about this breakup? Well, because it’s a breakup. And breakups are the loadbearing walls of gossip. Friendship breakups are often more gossipy than romantic breakup. And they should be. Because in many ways, friendships are meant to last longer than romances. When you first start dating someone, the possibility of it not working out is always considered. You understand it to be much more of a risk. When you become friends with someone, you’re rarely telling yourself that it won’t last. The entry point of a friendship without romance is imbued with a lot more optimism. When a friendship like Taylor and Karlie’s (allegedly) ends, then, it means that something that was supposed to be permanent has been shattered. 

Think about some of the most high profile celebrity friend splits: Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow, Gwyneth and Winona Ryder, Jay-Z and Kanye West, The Rock and Vin Diesel, Justin Bieber and Pastor Carl. All of those are as gossipy and dramatic – if not more – as any celebrity divorce, involving egos and espionage, on-set warfare, social media insults, and Jesus. Taylor herself has been involved in several friendship splits. This alleged split with Karlie is just the latest. 

Taylor’s had a few days off from her tour this week. Her next stop is Toronto for two nights starting Friday. I was supposed to be there on Friday night. But something else came up: Crazy Rich Asians!