It’s already a win for Taylor Swift and The Eras Tour movie because advance ticket sales have already exceeded $100 million and there was a projection yesterday that could see her hit $200 million which is, like, some superhero sh-t. And remember, she’s doing it without working with the struck companies for distribution, dealing directly with the theatre chains. Then on top of that, as mentioned in today’s open, Beyoncé shows up for the premiere. For Taylor, then, last night could not have been better. 


She wore Oscar De La Renta – and it’s the colour that’s notable to those who know. Blue is the colour of 1989. She’s in a blue sweater on the album cover, the blue dress she wears in the “Out of the Woods” video is iconic for her fans at this point; that’s a song off 1989 and of course 1989 (Taylor’s Version) comes out in two weeks. It’s all coming up Taylor. 

Which is why the NFL is so thirsty for any drips off her hype. And she’s reportedly about to do them another solid. According to TMZ, Taylor is planning to be in Kansas City tonight for the game against Denver. It’s Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime and I wonder if this is about more than just her situationship but about her business. Taylor’s worked with Amazon before and as she’s about to release a new album, getting in good with a major seller is totally advantageous in a scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours kind of way, considering that Amazon Prime would love the extra eyeballs for people who ordinarily wouldn’t tune in for football. 


The question mark here though is Travis because he has ankle injury and is listed as “questionable”. That said, he does have an extra couple days of rest afterwards because he won’t be playing this weekend and that would mean more time to hang with Tay…if that’s what the plan is. 

You know what I love about this though? Taylor has been to watch Travis at work, and HELP his workplace, which can’t get enough of her, but she doesn’t need the same. It is very, VERY clear – to everyone, from Travis to the league, to the broadcasters – who the bigger deal is.