Yesterday Taylor Swift slapped at Scooter Braun and Big Machine again for what they’re doing with her masters. Her fans are, obviously, rallying behind her. There are, however, some people who are concerned about certain parts of Taylor’s messaging. Even now, Taylor Swift is still polarising. Duana and I will be discussing this on the next episode of Show Your Work, which will be posted next week. Until then, read up on the situation and keep an eye out for any Scooter Braun responses. (Dlisted) 


Disinfectant brand names have been trending all night and day and now those companies have had to issue statements urging people to, um, not consume their products. Because some idiot wondered about that during a press conference. Can’t imagine this is the free publicity that those products wanted. For those of us who aren’t on the frontlines, how about we all just… STAY HOME. (Pajiba) 

Once upon a time, the MTV Movie Awards happened in April. Remember then? There are no awards shows happening anymore – and who knows when award shows will even be back. Until then, the FUG Girls are helping us remember award shows from the past. And Zendaya from the past – in 2014, before she became a major fashion star. What this look proves is that there are probably no fashion mistakes in Zendaya’s history. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Angelina Jolie did a video chat about the global effects of a pandemic and she speaks thoughtfully about a wide range of issues from education to mental health to inequality to domestic violence and more. She’s also donated $1 million to No Kid Hungry – so she’s been “pulling up” too, as Rihanna urged. This, is, indeed a very serious discussion for these very serious times. And I, like so many of you, am thinking about all of it. I am also wondering whether or not Angelina set up the video call herself or if one of her kids helped her. Does she strike you has techie? Or not? (Cele|bitchy) 

Do you really, really, really love the movie 10 Things I Hate About You? The only acceptable answer is “YES”. If you do, take this quiz, and if you can’t answer at least 12/15, then it’s time to watch it again. (Buzzfeed)