Filming of Celine Song’s Materialists continues in New York, and I thought I was the only one salivating over maybe-single Dakota Johnson’s character’s wardrobe, but apparently, a bunch of you asked Maria to source her fits, so I am not alone in wanting all of these clothes. Most recently, she repeated the blousy button down and pin stripe skirt from earlier this week, this was extremely my office style before my workplace changed its dress code to casual (because, and this is true, I told the top boss we would never hire/retain Gen Z workers if we didn’t let them wear hoodies in the office, but really, I just wanted to wear hoodies in the office. Now I don’t even work in the office!). 


Also on set: Chris Evans, looking like Ransom Drysdale after he gets out of jail. We’ve seen Pedro Pascal, now we’re seeing the other point on the love triangle featured in the film. I am genuinely looking forward to this movie, in part because I loved Past Lives and I want to see what Celine Song does next, but also, this casting is SO good. And it’s been a minute since we’ve seen Chris Evans in a romantic movie (GHOSTED DOESN’T COUNT). Bring back the Chris Evans rom-com! But like, make them good this time.