Sarah probably just threw back a shot of whisky to prepare herself for the ignorance I’m about to drop here about Star Wars. Did you see Solo? I saw it on Saturday. It was fine. As Sarah wrote in her review, the movie isn’t total sh-t, but it’s not like you come out of there all like, F-CK ME, that was the best! I love L3. I love Lando. I love the cape closet. I loved seeing the Millennium Falcon all cleaned up. I laughed when, five minutes later, it reverted back to the “piece of junk” we know and love. And I did not mind Alden Errrwhatever, at all. In some scenes, he was actually kinda sexy. 

What didn’t work is the whole situation with Emilia Clarke’s Qi’ra. Because, as Sarah noted, we already know that the Star Wars OTP is Han and Leia. So where’s the investment? 

Well, maybe the payoff comes at the end when we find out Qi’ra’s real deal. Some nerds think that this is the future, that now Qi’ra will get her own standalone and we’ll get to see how she moves on with her training. Otherwise what’s the point of ending on that note – it’s a thread that’s meant to be picked. But how much do non-nerds really care? If Han Solo, a character everyone knows, couldn’t generate the kind of enthusiasm they needed it to generate, will Qi’ra be enough of a draw? I’ll tell you how Qi’ra can be a draw. If Qi’ra can take out BB-8, the Lil Tay of droids, I’ll be Sith for life. 

Here’s Emilia last night in New York at the Lincoln Centre American Songbook Gala. Oh and here’s what a reader called “Mya” send over the other day – from an Emilia Clarke fan account:



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Some people are saying it’s her brother. Others are thinking it could be Spike Jonze? 


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