I wish I was the one to have thought of putting Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne together in a movie. It’s the kind of “of course!” connection that the moment you see them, you’re like… OF COURSE. Obviously. This is exactly what we needed. 

Tiffany, obviously, is hilarious. Rose is also hilarious though I don’t know if it’s as obvious. I know we’ve all seen Bridesmaids, but I feel like even though she’s starred in so many comedies, her comedic touch is still undercover, maybe even under-appreciated. Which might be the key to her funniness. That we forget, that it’s not top of mind and then you see her in Spy, when you’re expecting Melissa McCarthy to crack you up, but then Rose Byrne is the secret weapon who sends you over the edge. 

Now imagine spending two hours with Tiffany and Rose. Right?!?

Duana was over last night just after the new redband trailer for their movie, Like a Boss, was released and we could not stop giggling together over watching it while we were slurping our noodles. Like dying. It made us so happy, these two minutes with all of these people we love – Tiffany and Rose, Salma Hayek playing the evil billionaire, that scene with Billy Porter, Jennifer Coolidge who can make me laugh without saying a word, and our beloved Natasha Rothwell who is always the magic every time she shows up. 

This movie comes out in January and I know, I know what we say about January movies. But I don’t think that means this movie is sh-t. I think they’re strategically scheduling it for January because they want to give it a chance. And also I know, I know what we think sometimes when a trailer is really funny, the worry is that all the funny bits are in the trailer. Sure, there’s a chance that will happen. But even if that’s what happens, I just can’t imagine that I’m going to come out of two hours with Tiffany and Rose and company trying to make me laugh, regretting how I spent my time. Or maybe Duana and I are the assholes because when that joint falls in the baby’s crib, we started screaming. What? Is the appropriate response supposed to be outrage? 


Tiffany, Rose, and Salma cover the January issue of InStyle. Tiff looks amazing in this jacket. The colour on her is perfect. I really want to see her play an equestrian now. 


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Also… “bosses drink vodka!”


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