Straight fashion post here. Because I can’t stop staring at everything that’s happening in this outfit on Tilda Swinton. First of all, it’s my kind of dress – blousy, long, high neck, full sleeves…and a sparkly perfectly sized heart. Not too small to be inconsequential. Not too big to take over the entire look. And then!

The shoes!

Shoes that make their own hearts!

And I don’t find this twee, not even a little. Maybe because Tilda’s style is never twee. Her hair alone sets the tone for that. And also her lips. It’s a hot pink that I feel like non-Tilda’s would never have chosen, because of the worry that the hot pink clashes with the red heart. Yes. There is clash. And it’s great. It’s so much clash that it becomes complementary. Matching the red on red would be unimaginative. Going with a nude lip would have been too safe. The hot pink is EXACTLY the right choice.

And… all of this, the red, the pink, together, it actually GOES with the colour theme for the movie.