Dear Gossips,

Exactly a year ago today, Miss Tina had a special guest join her for Corny Joke Time on Instagram. It was the Blue Ivy Carter – or, rather, Blue’s hand and voice. What more do you need, really? 


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More corny jokes would be welcome right now. I wish I could give you one but I’m not that clever – because even though a corny joke is corny, it still requires the gift of pun. Punning is not in my toolbox. What we can do for you here though is provide some content. 

As mentioned yesterday, we’ve created a tag for “SD Recommendations”, collecting in one place all the posts with suggestions for what to watch, read, and listen to while you self-isolate. We will be adding to that list today with more articles from our team. 

I also in this space yesterday mentioned that once in a while we’ll be adding “Long Reads” to our content library and Duana kicked if off with her essay on the 30th anniversary of Pretty Woman and how Julia Roberts played a “feminist icon” – it’s an amazing piece, and it takes at least ten minutes to read! 

As for our podcasts, a fresh episode of Show Your Work went up yesterday too and Duana and I recorded another new episode that should be ready tomorrow. Sasha and I are recording What’s Your Drama tonight on FaceTime so we’re hoping to have that one posted by Thursday. 

THANK YOU for visiting us for a distraction and for sharing your time with us. We’re trying to keep it going for as long as we can and we so appreciate your support!

Yours in gossip,