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I love how certain media outlets covered this story – BUSTED FOR DRUGS! Do the people read the details though? Because the details are… so not worth using all-caps for. In fact, it’s almost a waste of the energy. Also…anyone who vapes would call it “juice”. Juice for her pen. That’s why she’s so amused in her mugshot. Because she knows that’s what would show up in the reporting: vape juice. (Dlisted) 

I love seeing my name on sh-t. Which is why I love everything monogrammed. A sweatshirt or a pair of pyjamas is one thing. But a street? I love the name of my street. It’s the name of a tree. And it’s a really cute word, at least I think so. That said, if they told me my street name was being changed to Rihanna? I would personally pay to change all the street signs. F-CK YES I would want to live there. I agree though. On the alternative name Jezebel is suggesting here. Why not? (Jezebel) 

Julianne Moore looks gorgeous in her new jewellery campaign but also… it could be a campaign for her hair. Look at it fanning out behind her like that. It is universally flattering to pose like Wonder Woman with your wrists crossed in front of you – agree or disagree? (Just Jared) 

You’ll never guess where Ben Affleck was this weekend. Never! He went to church! It’s been weeks since he’s been seen at church with Jennifer Garner and their children but THIS weekend in particular, he showed up for church. Why, do you think? Because he’s devout, obviously. Because he cares about family time and wants to be around his kids. (Cele|bitchy) 


I’m obsessed with Andrea Riseborough’s hair right now. I want to go out and get a wig that’s exactly this cut and see how I would look in it. Has to be a wig because my hair doesn’t grow flat like that. The Fug Girls are calling her “a fascinatingly unpredictable dresser”. I’m not mad at that. Fascinatingly unpredictable is much preferred over safe. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are rumoured to be looking for a country house. In the Cotswolds. Every time I think of the Cotswolds, I think of Jilly Cooper. And Rupert Campbell Black. This is my only association with the Cotswolds. Horses and riding and a lot of sex. Which… Hot Harry on a Horse… it fits.  (Vogue) 

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