The rom-com of 2023 continues to deliver and we may just be getting a second episode this weekend. You’ll recall, episode one featured Taylor Swift showing at up Arrowhead Stadium last Sunday to watch Travis Kelce score a touchdown in Kansas City’s win over the Chicago Bears. 


KC will next play the Jets at Met Life Stadium and multiple outlets are reporting that Taylor could make it back-to-back games. 


According to TMZ Taylor’s security team has been “working out logistics” with the venue so while her attendance is not yet locked in, she’s obviously looking into it. Although I have to say, if her security team has any concerns, it’s probably not good news for them that this has leaked. And I wonder, since it’s now leaked, whether or not she’ll change her mind…

That’s not what anyone wants though. Not we the gossips, not her fans, and definitely not the NFL and the broadcaster NBC. We’ve been talking about the Taylor Swift bump – how she’s helped NFL ratings and sales of Travis’s jersey, so whatever obstacles there may be, I’m pretty sure everyone is being as accommodating as possible to make this happen. Taylor Swift is the NFL’s best asset right now, LOL. 

Speaking of, have you seen the meme? The “Taylor put Travis Kelce on the map” meme? It’s been lighting up TikTok with women trolling the men in their lives, like this: 


The way he talked at me #taylorswift #traviskelce #traviskelceandtaylorswift

♬ original sound - rachel

Somewhat triggered by what I said #taylorswift #traviskelce

♬ original sound - Tara Althaus

You know why this is the best? Because the women are joking…but they’re not really joking either. NFL dude bros live their lives like the NFL is the end-all and be-all of everything and a meme like this exposes their sensitivity to it, and their fragility about it when it’s challenged. WITH RECEIPTS. 


The power of Taylor Swifts brand and the community of swifties is like something we have never seen before! It is beyond wild!

♬ Enchanted - Instrumental With Background Vocals - Taylor Swift

As for the trolling…the other question is whether or not Taylor and Travis are trolling us. Is this a real relationship or are they both doing it for attention? 

From a gossip perspective, does it f-cking matter?! Most of us are well aware that this could be some kind of Taylorverse manipulation and we are still paying attention. So who goddamn gives a sh-t if it’s fake? The point of the show… is the show. 

But also? 

Let’s say that it really is a fraud. That Taylor is using this situation with Travis to keep her name in the headlines ahead of the release of her concert film and 1989 (Taylor’s Version). From a business perspective, that actually makes it even better. Because if that’s the case, she’s not just using Travis, she’s now exploiting the N. F. F-cking. L. The National F-cking Football League. Just pulling the strings of a whole ass sports mega league in service of her own projects. The broadcaster, NBC, giving her free air time, randomly saying the names of her songs – “Blank Space”, “Shake It Off” etc – on the air. Again, at NO COST TO HER. Marketing she doesn’t have to pay for!

It's the most baller move ever. It’s all the touchdowns and two-point conversions. Seriously if that’s really what she’s doing, just give her the Super Bowl right now and call it a day. 


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