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Could we all please promise each other to stay on top of this story? I really, really, really want updates. There’s a woman in Texas who’s been crashing weddings. She shows up uninvited, then scams off with envelopes full of cash. Where I’m from, people hire security for their weddings these days because there’s so much cash. I think maybe even we had security at our wedding reception in Toronto because Chinese people have no time to buy gravy boats. Anyway, this woman has now hit up three weddings and she’s still at large. They’re calling her the Wedding Crasher. I’m calling her the Wedding Thief. And this will probably soon be a rom-com. (Dlisted) 

Friday nights are usually my panda nights. I’ve been known to lose a good three hours on Fridays to pandas on YouTube. Tonight…I might have to temporarily abandon my pandas for penguins, because Skipper and Ping have captured my heart! I love them so much and I want them to have a baby and call the baby Cory! Cory just seems like a good name to round out Skipper and Ping. (Pajiba) 

Holy sh-t there’s a lot happening here with Julianne Hough’s outfit. The top, with all the….all of it… is already a lot. And she’s wearing it on top of a bubble skirt with vertical ruffles. You know what the problem is here? I think I’d be down with the look if that was a better topknot. If the bun had a better shape, less of a sock bun shape, I think I could defend it. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor is now four months old. We’ve not really gotten that great of a look at him. Apparently the next time we see him though, he’ll have red hair, just like his dad. (Cele|bitchy) 

Elvis Presley died 42 years ago today. And today it was announced that there’s to be an animated series about Elvis as a spy called “Agent King". This is… bonkers. And so perfectly Elvis. Remember, he rolled around with all kinds of badges, the sheriff of his own little world. He showed up unannounced at the White House once and asked Richard Nixon to give him a badge from the Drug Enforcement Agency.  Ummmm…you don’t need to be an Elvis expert to see the irony in that. This is pretty much Elvis’s dream show. (Entertainment Weekly) 


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