And more murdery than ever! After breaking out in late 2021, Yellowjackets is back for season two on March 26. The trailer promises more interpersonal mayhem, more drama, and more flashbacks to The Wilderness and the survivors’ time in the forest. 


Also: Elijah Wood joins the cast! He and Melanie Lynskey starred together in Macon Blair’s vastly underrated film, I Don’t Feel At Home in the World Anymore. As a fan of them, individually, and that film, specifically, I am super stoked by their on screen reunion. Also, Elijah Wood just has the perfect offbeat vibe for Yellowjackets, the show doing the most to give 1990s icons their due. 

But can we also talk about the trailer music? Florence + The Machine covers No Doubt’s “Just A Girl” and it is PERFECT. Again, just nailing the vibes of the show, the creepy harmonics and slowed down melody turns the pop punk/Riot Grrl-lite anthem into something haunting and strange, and thus, fitting for Yellowjackets. It reminds me of her interpretation of “Jenny Of Oldstones” for Game of Thrones. Florence Welch is just really good at understanding the text and matching the tone of her music to it. In some alternate universe, she’s probably a brilliant film composer. 


I am very ready for Yellowjackets season two, I just wish all the shows weren’t coming back in March and April. Seriously, Yellowjackets, Ted Lasso, Barry, Succession. It’s too much TV! Some of us don’t have time to keep up with all of it at once! Also, Yellowjackets is premiering on Showtime the same night Succession starts its final season on HBO (there was some overlap between Yellowjackets season one and Succession season three at the end of 2021, too). I suppose the thought is that the shows appeal to different audiences, and airing opposite Succession didn’t stop Yellowjackets from having A Moment in 2021, but I do think attention on Succession will be ramped up this spring, since we know this is the final season. I guess because of the on demand/DVR of it all, television doesn’t have that “one at a time” mentality that films do, but as someone who struggles to keep up over the course of weeks and months with Too Much TV, all of the good shows coming back at once is daunting. At least Justified: City Primeval is saving itself for summer. 


Attached - Melanie Lynskey at the 2023 Film Independent Spirit Awards last weekend.