Ryan Reynolds and Jake G made a movie, apparently

Sarah Posted by Sarah at November 1, 2016 15:22:23 November 1, 2016 15:22:23

Did anyone notice this happening? Somehow Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal made a movie together and we didn’t notice. But the first trailer is here to prove that it happened. The movie is called Life and it’s about people trapped on a space station with an alien that may or may not be eating them, so it’s basically Alien. Alien is a great f*cking movie, though, so if you’re going to obviously knock off a space invader movie, that’s a good one to go with. This is not an insult—there are only three space stories to date, so all space movies are basically remakes of Alien, Star Wars, or 2001 (Man vs. Alien, Man vs. Man, Man vs. Technology—IN SPACE.)

Alien overtones aside, Life looks pretty good. Tense, wiry, with a solid cast that also includes Rebecca Ferguson and Hiroyuki Sanada, veteran of another space movie, the underrated Sunshine, and also the good seasons of Revenge. The meat of the trailer is, of course, given over to Reynolds and Jake G, who seem to end up at odds with one another. There’s only one way to solve any conflict that arises between two Very Handsome Men—it’s a walk-off! In space! Of course, space walk-offs end with the loser being ejected out of the airlock. Life is set for a Memorial Day 2017 release, so this could be a sneaky summer surprise amidst the superhero glut.

Ryan Reynolds is, of course, on Taylor Swift’s Friend List. Jake G is a Swift Ex. Do you think they ever talk about it?

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