This is Jennifer Lawrence heading out of LA en route to London yesterday ahead of the BAFTAs on Sunday where she’s nominated for Leading Actress alongside Jessica Chastain, Marion Cotillard, Helen Mirren, and Emmanuelle Riva. It’ll be the first major event where Chastain, Lawrence, and Riva go head to head. And this is especially interesting because there are a few experts who remain unconvinced that the Academy will choose either Chastain and Lawrence and they’re predicting a Riva win. Still, the majority of them are split between the two Js. As we move into the final stretch of Oscar voting then, the campaign strategists are aggressively working every angle they can. Did you see that photo of Bradley Cooper and David O Russell, of Silver Linings Playbook, meeting with Vice President Joe Biden about mental health initiatives? Click here if you missed it. But Harvey Weinstein’s not the only one calling in favours. Click here to read about how the other films in contention are being lobbied, just to make it even more confusing for you as you consider your ballot for our Annual Contest.

It’s a $5,000 PRIZE!

AND...a dove grey Prada bag.

That’s even BETTER than the one Jennifer Lawrence is carrying here as she travels.

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