Our Sarah tweeted something about the SAGs that gave me a good laugh:

Why was Kate at the SAGs? Because she goes to almost everything. And, more important, she’s welcome at almost everything. Much like Gwyneth Paltrow. In that spirit, I present Kate Hudson as Worst Imitation of Gwyneth in McQueen at the Oscars. (I, like Lainey, really enjoyed G’s version of disenchanted couture.)

Kate Hudson has had a familiar red carpet lookbook over the last few years. She shimmers. She does it with her twinkling laugh, the cute way she crinkles her nose, and an endless parade of similar dresses: predominately pale tones, cut-outs (like here and here), and deep cleavage (like here and here). Occasionally she will switch it up and try pants or a bolder color, but there’s always a little bit of skin showing, which I guess is just good business sense when you own an altheisure brand.

She’s fully committed to shimmer in the same way Reese Witherspoon is committed to boring us to death. So this black Dior dress, at first glance, seems completely out of character.

It is and it isn’t.

Kate’s stylist Sophie Lopez is also her very, very good friend. If social media is any indication, they are inseparable. This, I imagine, can be a problem when celebrities grow close to the people in charge of making them look amazing. Because at what point are you paying for your friend’s opinion versus professional expertise?

I wonder who was first interested in trying a “different” look for Kate – did Kate say she wanted to try something new? Did Sophie suggest switching it up?

Black isn’t her go-to colour, for sure. And there’s experimental (read: out-of-character for Kate) elements to this dress, like the corsage (which kind of looks wilted – how dark and fashion-y) at the waist and the peeking “Christian Dior” waistband. This will have people calling it goth and punk.

And yet….

It’s sequined. And has a lot of sheer pieces, including a cape. A sheer cape is a terrible idea because it takes all the punch out of wearing a cape. And the tie-ups in the back are possibly even worse than the front. It looks downright cheap. I’m trying to zoom in on the shoes but I can’t get a proper look under the skirt. I’m going to guess they are not good.

This is how this dress showed in the pre-fall collection. It was more sheer (which she probably layered to adjust to the red carpet). There’s a patterned vest, which adds some texture to the cape. And the top is loose, you can see ripples in the way it hangs. Kate, of course!, opted for form-fitting.

Celebrities absolutely need to customize designer runway looks to suit the red carpet and their personal aesthetic, but sometimes, the spirit of the design and the actress aren’t compatible. And then you end up with this.