It was confirmed today that Kelly Rohrbach, Leo DiCaprio’s 2015 bonafide, has been cast in the Pamela Anderson role in the Baywatch movie with The Rock. Check out The Rock giving her the initiation:


For our #BAYWATCH and the iconic role of "CJ Parker" I had to make sure @kellyrohrbach was... tough.

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I love him. How can you not love him?

Kelly’s breaking into Hollywood. She was cast in Woody Allen’s upcoming film, a small part. And now this. A big budget movie featuring The Rock. Big profile. 

Curiously though, another Kelly Rohrbach news item made headlines today. US Weekly reported it first - that she and Leo D are done. Then E! News followed with a similar account – that they’ve both been too busy lately to spend time on their relationship. US says it happened over a month ago. E! says it’s been a few months. Really? How can it be a few months when they were together at Thanksgiving? Click here for a refresher.

Remember that? Remember when Leonardo DiCaprio, who would rather lick a trash can than be photographed and have his private life on display on social media, agreed to show up in a holiday family photo with Kelly and have one of her friends post a photo of him lying on the floor with a random?

It hasn’t been a few months. But it was definitely time for St Barts, where Leo spends New Year’s Eve, on a big boat, with a big water slide, and LOT of models. Why limit yourself to one model when agencies are flying them in by the planeload?

Also? Remember what I’ve always told you about Leo’s age maximum – I’ve been writing about it for a couple of years now. Click here and here and here and here for refreshers.

Leo’s girls always age out at 25. Kelly is 25 right now. Apparently she turns 26 on January 18th. Coincidence or conspiracy?