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Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 26, 2014 17:01:52 February 26, 2014 17:01:52
Wenn, Turgeon-Steffman/ Splash

I feel so not excited about this Zendaya outfit. Zendaya, to me, shouldn’t ever have to wear something Kate Hudson would want. Let’s not pretend this is anything more than a bralet with a piece of fabric wrapped around the waist.   Full Story

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Sam Worthington is a bad drunk

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 5, 2012 20:46:46 November 5, 2012 20:46:46

TMZ reports that Sam Worthington was arrested in Atlanta the other night. He showed up at a restaurant and was asked for ID. He became aggressive when he was refused entry for not having any. Apparently he was so ragey they had to pepper spray and cuff him until the cops arrived. Full Story

The wrong lead

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 20, 2012 19:33:03 January 20, 2012 19:33:03
Splash, Stephen Lovekin/Getty

Princess Catherine just wore Jonathan Saunders the other day on her tour. One of his tamer pieces, obviously. I’m so into these wrapping paper stripes. Look how bright and shiny and happy they are coming down the runway!  Full Story

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Thin, single, and getting paid

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 24, 2011 21:03:47 November 24, 2011 21:03:47

Sasha, It has taken me a while, but I am really starting to love the loafer look. Normally my style is super girly so I’m looking for a pair that are pretty narrow and still feminine. Please help!! J I’m glad you finally came around so J, let’s not waste any more time…. Loafers and tassels go hand in hand. Full Story

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Oh so you’re Bad Breakup Guy

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 25, 2011 07:57:58 January 25, 2011 07:57:58

I can totally see it. I can totally see Sam Worthington being That Guy. The one who gets all publicly anguished over love, almost as if feeling the heartache out in the open is a validation of the heartbreak itself. It’s gross. And it’s another reason, on top of the fact that he’s so wee and I still haven’t seen Avatar and don’t intend to, that I am not down with his quiver, if it actually exists. Full Story

Hollywood’s Most Powerful on a ledge

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 1, 2010 14:31:00 November 1, 2010 14:31:00

A couple of weeks ago, Entertainment Weekly published their list of Hollywood’s Most Powerful. The rankings were based largely on box office averages. Sam Worthington took the top spot. Avatar, Clash of the Titans, Terminator – you cannot argue with those numbers. If you were a contrarian you’d probably say that’s it’s nothing to do with HIM, but more to do with those projects, they were no-brainers. Full Story

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It’s all coming to TIFF

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 17, 2010 09:32:41 August 17, 2010 09:32:41

Holy. Sh-t. More TIFF announcements, more major additions, so many world premieres at this year’s film festival including the Midnight Madness line-up and more potential award winners to the schedule covering the entire spectrum from elder Hollywood statesman to dirty tramps and roughnecks. Clint Eastwood will be in Toronto with Hereafter starring Matt Damon. Full Story

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Nope, don’t get it

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 29, 2010 13:35:44 July 29, 2010 13:35:44

Sam Worthington was in Italy yesterday for the Giffoni Experience. Though not pictured, his “stylist” girlfriend Natalie Mark is there with him too and the two had some downtime before Sam went to work. Click here to see them kissing on holiday. Full Story

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The Fringe is gone...but those tights

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 12, 2010 07:46:19 July 12, 2010 07:46:19

This is for a reader called Kris who wrote to me last week with a request: I've developed a completely inappropriate amount of quiver for Sam Worthington. And I need your help. To kill it or, at least, dampen it slightly? His weeness has not detracted from the quiver. Or The Fringe and her hooker shoes. Full Story

Clubbing with the Crank

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 14, 2010 12:32:32 April 14, 2010 12:32:32

Lindsay Lohan these days is not unlike Ebola Paris Hilton. You must be careful with the association. Because that sh-t will bring you down. And there’s no benefit to befriending Lilo right now. Maybe anymore. Especially not with a career as hot as Sam Worthington’s. Although he’s not my quiver preference, there is no doubt that Worthington doesn’t have to wait around long for phone calls these days, if at all. Full Story