Serena Williams doing Beyonce’s 7/11 video for Vogue – I think I like this more than the original version. (Lainey: Maria, I worry about you. Watch your back tonight.)



Watch @serenawilliams's version of @beyonce's "7/11" on—just click the link in our bio.

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Sarah Jessica Parker and Jenny Slate share a birthday. I totally think they could get away with playing sisters in a movie.




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January Jones is in a wig and it reminds me of Natalie Portman’s pink wig from Closer.



Behind the scenes for new @violetgrey shoot, online now! @cassandragrey

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Do you think Kate has someone on staff to dye her shoes for her? How is she matching her coat to her shoes so perfectly? I get that she has style restrictions from The Firm, and she’s pregnant, and it’s winter, but I find this coat/pump look very boring, especially the twee pastels. It’s totally aging her.



Kate's pregnancy coats: a thorough appreciation from

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