Solange Knowles married Alan Ferguson yesterday in New Orleans. They rode their bikes to the ceremony. She wore an off-white caped pantsuit.



You see what I mean?


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I wrote about this last week – click here for a refresher. Solange has such great style. It’s the one thing she does better than her sister and she does it a LOT better. Why isn’t she making something happen with this?

Anyway, her sister was there. So was JayZ. And it seems like everyone was wearing white. Which I love. Because the pictures look so good. I know, I know, I know, Brides. I can hear you. You’re the bride. You want to stand out. But you’re the BRIDE. You will always stand out. The other option is to ask everyone to wear black. That looks great too.

Also attached – pictures of Solange’s wedding weekend. There was a movie night on the weekend and she wore white to that too, with bell sleeves. The couple had a bus taking their friends to different spots in the city. Beyonce joined but Jay didn’t. At one point, Solange was also seen out in a gorgeous copper coloured suit with light heels. This is where she can live. This is where she should be living. Start now.