Tom Cruise was seen in Malta today, scouting locations for The Mummy. The movie is scheduled for release in June 2017. He’s also supposed to go into production for Mission: Impossible 6 this summer, at least that’s what he said last summer. If that’s still the plan, there won’t be much time for him between working on The Mummy and getting back into Ethan Hunt. And remember, he’s just come off shooting Mena and the Jack Reacher sequel pretty much back to back.

The point is, Tom Cruise doesn’t stop running, jumping, and chasing. And it’s been like this, this relentless pace, for years. He fills his time, ALL OF HIS TIME, with movie-making, almost as though he doesn’t know what to do with himself when he’s not making movies. Like he doesn’t know who to BE when he’s not making movies. Which is why, maybe, on the rare occasions he’s not making movies, he always finds a way to rescue someone, off a boat, or a bridge, or in the water. If I were to psychologise him from a distance, I’d say everything – the Church, the relationships, all of it – leads back to that.