Following a really cool teaser, there is now a full trailer for Tom Hiddleston’s movie High Rise, a future dystopia mind-f*ck from director Ben Wheatley. It’s more comprehensive look at the film, with the privileged world of the high rise and the weird sh*t happening inside, while still concealing what the hell is actually going on. I’m really looking forward to this one—this looks like a mental f*cking movie. What really kills me about the trailer, though, is that there are some images that seemed geared to tantalize the Hiddlestoners, such as Naked Sunbathing Tom Hiddleston and Dancing Tom Hiddleston, even though this movie is NOT for the Tumblr audience.

Now, we all love it when Hiddles dances, but the brief flicker of Hiddleston dancing with a bunch of flight attendants(???) is nothing compared to Oscar Isaac dancing. (Lainey: I SAW HIM FIRST!) Chill Lainey—I’m not jumping on your bandwagon. I’m still not Freebie Five’ing Isaac, even with his magnificent hair. But Oscar Isaac dancing in Ex Machina remains one of the most clear movie memories I have from 2015. Late night TV is nearly as mind-numbingly stupid as morning TV, but if some enterprising late night host were to get Hiddleston and Isaac on at the same time, and then stage a dance off, it would be amazing. It would almost make watching a late night talk show worth it.